Securing homes for Meath people

So many Meath people have had to give up on their dream of owning a home. For many, it is impossible to pay high rents and save large deposits. For others, they can’t secure housing because the Council has stopped building.  


There are less than 40 properties for rent in Meath and about 500 for sale. Child homelessness has increased by 98% since 2017 in Meath and surrounding counties. The provision of housing and planning to assist sustainable development are two major functions of Meath Co Co.


Clearly, they are not delivering for the people.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that Meath County Council is at the forefront in the delivery of residential, social and affordable housing.


Increasing Jobs for Meath people


I was born, raised, attended primary and secondary school in Trim.

Since leaving school I have worked in Dublin, making the daily

commute from Trim for much of that time. This meant leaving Trim as early as 6.30 am each morning and not returning until 6.30/7 pm each evening.

This experience convinced me that, as a County we need to provide more jobs, in Meath for people.


Supporting our Communities 

Trim is a great town with a great community spirit.  Volunteerism in cultural, business, sporting, and environmental groups is very strong and adds to  our community. I want to ensure the Council supports these groups as they enrich people’s lives. I believe that working together these groups and the Council can see Trim become a major destination in the Ancient East tourist trail.

The Council can make a positive impact on people’s lives by providing more funding and resources to volunteers groups.  If elected I will work tirelessly so that voluntary organisations are supported. ​

Making Childcare more affordable

Young families need more good quality, affordable childcare and

creche facilities in Trim The growing population of young people in

the town over the next decade means we need more and more  facilities to cater for all ages.

Education facilities will need to be improved at primary and second level. More support is needed for our Youth Club and the whole issue of mental health, especially of our young people, needs to get far greater attention.


Supporting Local Business

Trim is a town with many small local, family owned businesses. They are very much part of the fabric of the local community. Without their sponsorship and support organisations in the town would find it difficult to survive. Equally, without the support of the community the businesses would struggle.

I will work on Meath County Council to ensure the businesses in the

town are supported in every way possible including careful scrutiny of any proposed rates increases.

Opening the Theatre

Trim has long been promised a theatre of its own. Another five years has passed but it is still at “talking stage”. I will work hard to make sure we have a grand opening night within the next 2-3 years.

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