• Aisling Dempsey

1st Trim Municipal District Meeting

Today, 14th June, was the first meeting of the Trim Municipal District. The first official meeting of the six councillors elected to represent the Trim area. The councillors elected are myself (FF), Joe Fox (FG), Niamh Souhan (FG),  Noel French (FG), Ronan Moore (Soc Dem), and Trevor Golden (Ind).  We cover the Trim South Meath area, which includes Trim, Summerhill, Kilbride, Ballivor, Kildalkey, Clonard, Enfield, Ballinabrackey and lots in between.

The Trim Municipal District (MD) meetings are generally focused on local, Trim area based issues, proposals, motions etc. Apart from today, as the first meeting is almost a replica of the first County Council meeting, in that it is used to elect the Chair, Vice Chair and any committee places available specific to the Trim area. We started with election of the Chair (position is filled annually) and Noel French was proposed and seconded. I asked if I could submit a proposal that the position of chair be given to Noel French in year 1, but every year after, the position of chair should be decided fairly – perhaps by drawing names from a hat. So that all of us who were elected equally would have an equal opportunity to become chair once over the 5 years.

My first motion was defeated, hopefully that won’t happen too often!

Ronan Moore and Fine Gael voted against my proposal and therefore Noel French was elected Chair this year, Ronan Moore was elected Vice Chair. We will all have an opportunity next year to decide on a new Chair and perhaps my proposal will be reconsidered then. In the interest of fairness and to respect the mandate we were all given equally, I thought it important to bring this proposal forward anyway.

It would be a great honour to be the chair however with a full time job, normal council work, and the committees I am on at county level, I will be busy enough!

We agreed dates for our meetings for the area and the floor was opened to AOB.

Some of what is discussed cannot be disclosed straight after meetings as they are in very early stages, not agreed or just confidential. I will endeavour to give as much information as possible at the appropriate times. I will say however that the meeting was full of fresh ideas, exciting projects in the pipeline and enthusiasm and collaboration.

I believe we will work well as a team and we agreed a motion on climate change to be brought forward at county level as suggested by Ronan Moore.

We were presented a proposal on Longwood traffic calming measures which I know will be very well received in and around the village. The Council are installing 3 raised crossings on the 3 approach roads in an effort to reduce speed in and around the village.

Congratulations to Councillor French and Councillor Moore on their appointments as well as the various appointments to committees.

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